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Be empowered to add content or make changes at any time with a website you can easily use.

Bringing your business identity to life through carefully considered design elements.

Designed light for super fast load times.

{Simple} {Stunning} {Speedy}

What I Offer


A domain name means the website address you want to use that people will type in to find you, i.e. www.yourbusiness.com.


Hosting is the equivalent of real estate on the internet - it is the rent you pay for the space to put your website on the world wide web.


Working closely with you to bring your website vision to life. Vision cloudy? I can help with that too, with design advice.


Populating your website with existing content (products, text, branding, images etc) or assisting you with creating it.


Connecting existing business social media accounts to your website and visa versa - or helping you create the accounts you want.


Getting your website noticed by search engines like Google so that your site shows up when your target audience searches for what you offer.


I can assist with setting up a business bank account, linking PayPal & other payment gateways, and getting your business registered with CIPC.


Giving you a solid understanding of how to access and use your website backend, with a user manual to refer back to at any time.

affordable & manageable pricing

Getting online doesn't have to break the bank. Let's work together with your budget. With clear upfront costs and weekly invoicing, you're in control.