Let me introduce myself


I’m a small business owner and entrepreneur at heart. I opened my first business in my early 20’s and of course needed a website. I hired a designer and spent a massive amount of my startup capital in expensive design fees. I then struggled to actually use the website, as it was a rather complex beast that required some prior knowledge of coding. The more I learned, the more I was able to make changes and shape my website as my business grew.

I found that I really enjoyed the process and soon was redesigning my website using WordPress. I dabbled in Joomla but found it unnecessarily clunky for my needs. I also tried Shopify and Wix but both were expensive and much more limited than WordPress. So I stayed with the WordPress system and grew more and more advanced in what I was able to do with it.

Through the years I’ve worked on many different projects and in many different industries. There’s always been need for a new website or an old website overhaul, and so my skills and experience grew. I’ve also worked with expensive design companies for larger projects, sometimes with great success and other times ending up doing the work myself due to long delays and soaring bills. Its this experience, and hearing friends and fellow small business owners lament about not being able to afford a good website, that inspired me to offer my service.

I specialise in simple, easy to use websites that are affordable, built fast, and still look great. To achieve this, I use existing software (customisable themes and plugins) which cuts down on time and prevents a lot of unforeseen delays. I work with individuals and small businesses who really can’t afford an expensive design studio rate to help them get their business online, and empower them to learn to use WordPress backend so that they too can go on to make changes and add to their websites long after I’ve handed over. If you are fortunate enough to have a large budget, and want a high-end custom site built from scratch, then my service most likely won’t suit you. 


If you complete the quote request or contact form, rest assured that your data is not collected or used for anything else, nor is it shared with any third party. 

I will never share your business information, ideas or concepts with anyone outside of the development. All intellectual property created for your website belongs solely to you in entirety after handover.