"Your website should reflect your ethos. It is the very first thing your target audience learns about you. To achieve this successfully, you need to know who you are."

Brand identity

Your brand identity in this sense means your logo, colour scheme, typography – the whole look and feel of your site. Are you hip, modern, edgy, minimalist, natural, organic, fun, quirky, young and full of energy, older and wiser, passionate and creative, calm and organized? These sorts of descriptors will affect how we choose to define and design your website.

Type & purpose of Website

Special Features

Special features refer to the design elements needed to achieve your specific goals beyond that of the bread and butter information.

For example, if you have a lot of images to display, your site might need a robust and attractive image slider to create slideshows. Or you might want to display a large range of products, thereby needing a form of e-commerce functionality with payments disabled. You might want special emphasis placed on your social media activity, for example displaying your Instagram or Twitter feed live.

While defining what your website must communicate and what its purpose is, we will establish which special features should be included to properly realise your vision.


Defining what content you want to include in your website and whether you need guidance in creating that content. The most important information to include is usually:

Beyond this, you also want to create substance to your website both to keep visitors engaged and to show search engines that you have useful information and are therefore worth listing in search results. Substance content can take the form of a blog where you post updates, or additional pages offering information based on your expertise, or a testimonials page or section with reviews from past customers, etc.