Domain Registration

"A good website name is one that is directly related to who you are or what you do. It should be easy to say, easy to remember and easy to spell."

what is domain registration?

This is the annual fee to buy and own your domain name. A domain name means the website address you want to use that people will type in to find you, i.e.

It is a good idea to use a search engine like Google to search for the name/s you are considering, in order to see what other websites have names similar to yours. What are your target audience likely to find if they search for you, or your offerings? This research can assist you in narrowing down options. If you would like, I can conduct this research for you and provide you with a summary of findings as well as recommendations.

We might need to try different variations of the name you want, until we find one that is available and suitable. There is also the option of, .com, .net etc (this is referred to as the ‘top level domain’). They can cost different amounts and one may be available with your name while another may not be.

In general, I recommend .com if you plan on reaching an international audience. If you are aiming towards a local audience then is the way to go. This is my personal opinion – the decision is completely up to you.


Please be aware that prices are approximates, as provided by the supplier listed and linked to the ZAR/$ exchange. 

Domain registration is an annual fee, paid every year on your renewal date. If you do not renew, your website name will be de-registered (will no longer belong to you) and your website will not be visible on the Internet even if your hosting fees are up to date.

Both suppliers below offer one year free domain registration if you also select one of their hosting packages, which we get to after this step.

WordPress Not available

.com $18 (R270) 

.org $18 (R270)

.net $18 (R270)

Digiserv R80

.com R230

.org R270

.net R300