"The best way to stay within budget is to have a detailed, well defined scope agreed upon before beginning."


Trying to say how much a website costs to build is like that phrase, “how long is a piece of string”. It all depends on how big, how complicated, how many special requests, how much content generation and how many revisions are involved in the development of the website. That said, it is possible for us to work together within a budget you have available. Here are some general estimates to give you a basic framework. 



Billing & Payment Terms

I charge for my time, which is R1,000 per full day (8 hours) or R500 per half day. I do not charge any markup on external costs such as buying a plugin, registering a domain or paying for hosting. 

I invoice at the end of the week for my time, and payment is due on or before the 25th of that month. All external costs are billed separately and payment is required immediately to continue work.

Your website will be handed over to you once all invoices are settled in full. Thereafter, external recurring bills (i.e. monthly hosting, annual domain registration) will be for your account and you will need to pay the provider directly.


Included in the website handover is a comprehensive user guide / training manual that will explain exactly how to use your website ‘backend’, how to make changes or add any content you would like in future.

If you would like a training session for yourself or a staff member where I sit with you and go through everything together on the manual and on the website, this can be done for an additional R200 at the end of the project.

Any changes to the website or additional work beyond the agreed upon scope after website handover that you would like me to do will be billed at R150 per hour.